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The Leaders

You couldn't ask for a better board of advisors.

The men in Transparent Leader  have distinguished themselves in this world, as people of character, power and influence. They come from many walks of life and different stations in life, from Presidents to Electrians and everyone in between. What you have in Transparent Leader is really a panel of experts. People to lift you up by the scruff of the neck to say, "look here..." Mentors, friends, heros. These fine individuals paint a picture of what can be done in the world, when you commit yourself to the principals that never change.

The Transparent Leader I

Chuck Colson, Founder and Chairman, Prison Fellowship

Ken Blanchard, Author, One Minute Manager

Jerome A. Lewis, Founder and Chairman, Petro-Lewis

John Couch, Former VP, Apple Computer

Adolph Coors IV, Great-grandson of Coors Founder

Vince D'Acchioli, Founder and Chairman, On Target

Bill McCartney, Co-founder & Chairman, Promise Keepers

James H. Amos, Jr., Former President, Mailboxes Etc.

Chuck Buck, Chairman, Buck Knives

Ronald Harris, Management Executive

Dick Capen, Author/Executive

Bob Buford, Author, Halftime

Hank Brown, Former Congressman, U.S. Senator

Will Perkins, Former Chairman, Perkins Motor

Sam Addoms, Chairman, Frontier Airlines

William Armstrong, Former Congressman, U.S. Senator, Pres. Colorado Christian Univ.

Bill Williams, Former President, Pyxis

Dennis Shaw, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense & Navy

Dr. William McColl, Orthopedic Surgeon


The Transparent Leader II

George W. Bush, former President of the USA

Rosey Grier, former NFL great

Tom Landry, former Dallas Cowboys Coach

Josh McDowell, Author, More Than a Carpenter

Tom Osborne, former Nebraska Coach

David Hentschel, former President, Occidental Petroleum

Larry Poland, Founder & Chairman, Master Media

Gary Cuozzo, formar NFL Quarterback

Ron Walters, Vice President, Salem Broadcasting

Peter Ochs, Chairman, Fieldstone Foundation

Rich Boyer, CPA, Entrepreneur

Jim Mather, Founder, Mr. Steak

Neal Jeffrey, Motivational Speaker

Carey Casey, President, Natl. Ctr. Fathering

Kevin Jenkins, Former President, Air Canada

Art Shingler, Retired Executive

David R. Kerr, Founder, Kerr Resources

Bill Kennedy, Marketing Executive

Jim Groen, Former CEO, Y.F.C.I

Tim Philibosian, Author and Speaker

Bill White, Founder & Chairman, Five Star Financial

Dwight L. Johnson, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Tim LaHaye, Author and Speaker