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You are a leader – at a minimum of your own life! But if you are a husband, wife, father, mother, worker, supervisor, manager, etc., you are a leader whose life impacts others.

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Stewardship Principles

One of the goals of the Transparent Teader initiative is “to teach and equip business leaders with biblical and vocational principles.” Centuries ago the statement probably would not have been considered necessary. In Christian countries, until about the 17th century, business and everyday life for understood to be based on biblical principles. Then events within and outside the church gradually weakened this bond and people began to separate their church life from their business life. As the world of business developed, without the ennobling effects of biblical principles, it drifted away from the biblical foundation and then embraced worldly principles.

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Strong leadership requires the right core values and beliefs

The process of successful change for anyone can be attained using our simple and proven strategies.

Personal Game Plan

The secret to successfully achieving your life purpose and success in the future is having a practical Game Plan System (GPS) that works for you. This Owner’s Manual will help you develop a game plan to achieve your life purpose and be able to stay on track.

Dynamics of The Marketplace

Dynamics of a Marketplace challenges community leaders to think outside the four walls of their organization's building and to learn how to equip those they lead to reach individuals in the 8 spheres of influence in their community and society.

Peer Advisory Groups (CBMC)

A membership-based strategic alliance dedicated to serving the needs of men and women in the workplace by bringing organizations and resources together to help further enhance the skills and relationships of those members of the community.

We Provide a 10-Step Plan for Setting and Reaching Goals in Life

The first six steps are called the “funnel method” of goal setting

You must want the goal for you will never reach it period the designer would mean is the desire of the players on Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packer team had to win! Their desire took them to five championships in two Super Bowls.
You must believe you can accomplish your goal or it’s never going to happen. This is important! No one else can believe in your goal for you - It must come from you! Take a good look at the obstacles you will face and formulate a way to overcome them.
What is your plan? Who will you work with? What additional skills or knowledge do you need? Your plan must be written, specific, and definable. Alexander the Great defeated King Darius III with 50K men versus a 1M man army . . . with a plan.
How will you control your goal? How will you control your time, your focus, or your opportunity? If you cannot control your goal, it is not a goal. Most goal setting programs leave this out, but it is critical! We must have an element of control.
How would you measure your progress towards your goal? Remember, what gets measured gets done! If you are losing weight, you can measure your progress as the pounds drop off. If it's to get a new job, the number of applications sent out.
When will your goal be accomplished? When is your start date and end date? A goal without a deadline is not a goal, it's a wish or a dream. We know people who were going to get their degree someday. Twenty years later, they still don't have a degree.

The last 10 steps are the

Goal-Reaching Steps

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We help you develop a

Personal Score Card and Game Plan

Character - Ethos

Ethos is the collection of your values and character and a means of persuasion conceived by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. "Ethos" is the Greek word for character.

Connection - Pathos

The emotional intelligence behind your premise typically derived from one's own experience. "Pathos" is the Greek word for "passion, emotion, or condition."

Competence - Logos

Logos is the logic behind your premise. "Logos" is the Greek word for "reason" or "word," and the word "logic" derives from logos.

Commitment to Improve - Sophos

To be sophos means to be master of one's own actions, to have control over oneself and others. "Sophos" is the Greek word for "wisdom."

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Every Leader makes an IMPACT. What’s yours?


As a household leader, you're going to influence your family; it's up to you to create a place where all the elements of growth and the kids' work come together.


Leading by influence is a management style that involves making a positive impact on the opinions, attitudes, choices and behaviors of your team.


A community's success and wellbeing is dependent on the quality of leadership, relationships, and empathy among the citizens of that community.

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